Mike Dixon Endorses Nick Novacich for Coroner in Madison County IL

Who is Mike Dixon?

Madison County Law Enforcement Administrator

Retired Captain “Chief of Investigations” Madison County Sheriff’s Office

Former St. Louis Major Case Squad Deputy Commander

Former Southern Illinois Child Death Investigative Task Force Commander

Former Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Enforcement Group of Southwestern Illinois

To my fellow Madison County Residents,

As one of the largest counties in Illinois, we should demand and expect our public servants and elected officials to be some of the best in the state. As a 33-year law enforcement veteran in Madison County and a lifelong resident, I have gotten to know many of our public servants and elected officials personally and professionally. I found that the great ones have many of the same qualities, which are based upon compassion, tenacity, intelligence, and an unselfish commitment to serving others. One such candidate running for Madison County Coroner is Major Nick Novacich of the Granite City Police Department. 

I have known Major Novacich for approximately twenty years and have worked on numerous police investigations with him during that time. His work ethic, intelligence, and compassion for helping others have always impressed me. He is the son of a Madison County small business owner who was taught from an early age that it takes hard work and commitment to be successful at anything in life. This philosophy is present and clear in everything he does as one of our county's finest public servants. 

The Granite City Police Department hired him in June of 2000, where his work ethic and compassion for service made him a standout. He was quickly made a School Resource Officer and then promoted into investigations. In 2009, he was promoted to the rank of Patrol Sergeant, where he continued to hone the leadership skills that made him the obvious choice and stand out for promotions to Lieutenant, Investigative Captain, Patrol Captain, and Assistant Chief of Police Major. 

During his career, Major Novacich served eight years volunteering as a member of the elite Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) Special Response Team, with his final three years as a Team Leader. He is a Deputy Commander with the St. Louis Major Case Squad and has been a member of this highly specialized squad for more than ten years. As a Deputy Commander, Major Novacich is responsible for overseeing and managing some of the St. Louis Metro East region's most complicated and demanding death investigations. He is tenacious but compassionate in leading these investigations, as he genuinely cares for those whom he serves and knows the importance of being able to answer the most critical questions about why and how it occurred. 

He has a bachelor's degree in sociology with an emphasis in criminal justice from McKendree University and a master's degree in criminal justice administration from Lindenwood University. In 2018, he also attended and graduated from the prestigious FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. 

Major Novacich's abilities as a professional law enforcement leader was recognized by his colleagues in 2022. Madison County State's Attorney Thomas Haine asked area police chiefs for nominees to lead the Madison County Cross-River Crime Task Force. For me and other law enforcement administrators in Madison County, Major Novacich was the nominee and obvious choice. With the support of regional police chiefs, State's Attorney Tom Haine named Major Novacich the Commander of the task force. 

In conclusion, our coroner must be compassionate, experienced, capable, and dedicated to serving others, for there is no greater sorrow for a family who has lost someone than not knowing why or how it occurred. Major Novacich's compassion for others will aid him in guiding families through the most difficult of times. At the same time, his talents and experiences as a death investigator will give them the answers they deserve. His passion for helping others and experience conducting death investigations make him the best candidate for the position. As a longtime public servant and lifelong resident of this county, demanding the best in our elected officials, Nick Novacich is one of the most qualified and experienced candidates for Madison County Coroner we have ever seen. 

Mike Dixon
Paid for by Citizens for Nick Novacich
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