Deputy Inspector Endorses Nick Novacich for Coroner in Madison County IL

In the end, it all comes down to character. In life, no matter what situation or dilemma one
finds themselves dealing with, when a decision must be made in regard to choosing a person to
provide the help that is needed in order to see problems through to their best possible conclusion
especially in dynamic situations, good character is without doubt the most important trait one should
concern ones self with when making this most important decision. Good character, in my experience,
encompasses so many other important and necessary traits within itself that it is the single most
important quality a person can posses.

Loyalty, empathy, honesty, humility are all the necessary traits one automatically finds in a
person with good character. In my 25 year career with the Nassau County Police Department, which
borders New York City, I had the pleasure of working with many outstanding individuals. I was honored
to have managed some of the departments most active crime fighting units and was blessed to have
met many dedicated and wonderful law enforcement professionals during my time in those roles. In
policing you get to glimpse into a persons true self as you watch them deal with people and dynamic
situations on a regular basis. As a leader in the Police Department as well as in the United States
Marine Corps, it was necessary that I hone my skills in regard to reading people and assessing a
persons character quickly and accurately so I could deploy the best person to handle often tragic and
dynamic situations.

In 2018, I was one of 235 law enforcement processionals from around the United States and
the world to be chosen to attend the prestigious Federal Bureau of Investigations National Academy in
Quantico Virginia. In short, the academy is a ten week program in which Police Executives are able to
network and learn from one another and from FBI staff the latest in Law enforcement science and
management. I was also honored by being chosen to lead session 272 as its class leader. In that role,
much like my leadership role in the most active crime fighting units within my department, I was able to
quickly and accurately assess my classmates and their character.

One of the men I was honored to meet was Nick Novacich, who is now running to become
your Madison County Coroner. I was quickly taken with Nick who was at that time, an Investigative
Captain for the Granite City Police Department. What struck me, was his absolute professionalism and
dedication to task. He immediately became to me, and many others in the class, the person we leaned
on when we needed help throughout our time in Quantico. His ability to solve problems and gain
positive results when working and leading a diverse group of team members while maintaining
discipline and focus on objectives was inspiring, even to those of us who were accustomed to working
in complex situations. Even more impressive than that was the level of empathy expressed by Nick to
those around him, as it was measurable and constant, always putting all others before himself. It
became quickly apparent that Nick was a unique individual that possessed all of the attributes that one
looks for when choosing someone, not only in a leadership role but as a mentor and a friend. I feel truly
blessed that our friendship has not only endured but flourished since leaving the academy.

It occurs to me, that we find ourselves living in a time where men and politicians regularly
boast of what they can do for others whilst rarely boasting of what they have done for others, their
histories being hollow and mostly imagined. I often ask why we as a society often elevate people of low
morale character into positions for which they do not posses the principle necessary to fulfill these
roles with good and moral judgement. I think the answer is in part, that we are not afforded the
opportunity to vote for the type of men we would choose for these positions, instead being forced to
vote for the choices of others.

The people of Madison County have not been burdened in this way however, having been
given the opportunity to vote for and therefore install a man in the position of County Coroner, who in
my opinion, is of the highest morale character and principle I have ever had the fortune to meet and
befriend. It is rare today to find a man so dedicated to the service of his family and his community as
you'll find in Nick Novacich. I envy the people of Madison County for being provided with a clear
choice for County Coroner. A man that not only embodies all of the characteristics that we would wish
for in an elected official, but is a man that we would all be blessed to call our neighbor and more
importantly, our friend.
Paid for by Citizens for Nick Novacich
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